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Founded in October 2019, Objournalist|物敍 records and narrates Hong Kong’s stories through “Object Journalism” – a way of storytelling through curating objects. We aim to conserve the local culture of Hong Kong by expanding the collections continuously. Objournalist is committed to researching and collecting objects, from on-site visits to second-hand sources, related to the social movements in Hong Kong. The collections serve to record the unique protest style in Hong Kong and reveal the issue of police brutality.

In 2020, the “Are We Being Heard? Tools of Protest” exhibition was presented in collaboration with Mmuseumm, New York. After that, Objournalist organised “Sapientia: Anti-ELAB Movement Collection Exhibition” at the University of Hong Kong, capturing the public’s and media’s attention. Both exhibitions have been compiled into catalogues to disseminate the narratives of Hong Kong protests internationally.

With the growing number of collections, Objournalist is eagerly seeking opportunities for exhibition and publication, in order to retrieve the memories associated with the objects in Hong Kong.