About the part that art plays in a globalising society

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@No.More.Later is an initiative, run by Gizem Üstüner and M.C. Julie Yu, that strives for fairness and intends to unite all studio-based art learners in the Netherlands. The initiative is a call for solidarity and serves as an online platform on Instagram to share practical information mainly for students, updates on the negotiation process within each art academy, as well as critical reflections on the system of art education at large.

@No.More.Later started as an Instagram account during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 to raise awareness about the international students’ crisis during the pandemic. Its original intention demands art schools take action concerning their lack of care towards their students from Non-EU backgrounds, students’ financial situation, particularly through the reimbursement of tuition fees, as well as the sudden switch to online education without asking for the students’ and tutors’ consent. The core team has extended its reach and protest from social media to other physical approaches such as podcast making, event holding, and collaborations/participation with other social entities—such as International Women’s Day with local feminist and queer initiatives in Utrecht, International Migrants Day with migrant collectives, National Alliance among the students and staff in Dutch art academies.