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Netwerk Democratie

Netwerk Democratie

Netwerk Democratie is committed to a resilient democracy in the digital society.

Digital technology offers both opportunities and risks for democracy. Netwerk Democratie identifies the opportunities and converts them into practical applications to strengthen democracy and puts the risks on the agenda and offers alternative perspectives for action. Netwerk Democratie’s mission rests on two pillars: Digital democracy and the democratisation of technology. It is committed to making the use of open source, participatory instruments accessible to citizens and public authorities. Digital technologies used for democratic decision-making need to function transparently and fairly. Also, these technologies should be used to strengthen deliberative democracy.

Netwerk Democratie is committed to increasing citizens’ say in shaping the digital society. Technological developments must serve the public interest. Netwerk Democratie is co-initiator of the programme series New Democracy in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger. Every year, Netwerk Democratie organises the master class series Netpolitiek, together with Internet Society NL, Waag and Bits of Freedom.

Through its activities, Netwerk Democratie offers a platform for innovative democratic developments in which the public interest is central.