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Framer Framed

La Cocina

La Cocina is a platform for artistic research and experimentation co-curated by Lore Gablier and Alejandro Ramírez. It was initiated in 2016, through a year-long public programme that combined the actual construction of a cooking facility in an artist-run space and an artistic and critical exploration of the kitchen as a space at the crossroads of modernity, between the intimate and public. In autumn 2018, La Cocina launched an online publishing platform and a new research theme, ‘A Matter of (In)digestions’: a call to pay attention to what we tend to take for granted – that is what we consume – and unfold some of the socio-political, historical and cultural intersections that consumption entails. With this research program, we continue our exploration of the kitchen as a trope, as an alchemical laboratory, and catalyzer of a broad variety of ingredients – whether edible, cultural, or ideological.

La Cocina is one of the participants of the project DIT – Do It Together (2022), taking place between 1 March to 3 April at Framer Framed, Amsterdam.