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Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture - AHM

Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory, and Material Culture – AHM fosters a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and transnational research of heritage, memory, and material culture and stimulates scholarly cooperation in an international setting, organises PhD training, seminars, reading groups, workshops, public debates, and international conferences.

The school brings together researchers working in diverse areas and fields heritage and memory studies, cultural studies, museum studies, archaeology and material culture, art history, media, conservation and restoration, archival studies, digital humanities, postcolonial and performative studies, religious studies, music and theatre studies, conflict and identity studies, Slavonic languages and cultures, Holocaust and genocide studies, European memory studies, Middle Eastern studies, and cultural, public and oral history.

AHM seeks to integrate all branches of research focusing on the material and intangible remains of the past, the reciprocal relations between objects and meanings, and the dynamics of memory, from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives, concept-oriented, object-oriented, and user-oriented approaches. The integrative, interdisciplinary, and critical approach of problematising, conceptualising, and analysing heritage and memory acts, and material culture practices, policies, and politics on all levels in Europe and beyond is unique to AHM.