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AAMU - Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art

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Oudegracht 176

NL-3511 NP Utrecht


+31 30 238 01 00



The place in Europe to experience contemporary Aboriginal visual arts from Australia is AAMU in Utrecht (Netherlands). Like the art itself, the museum is constantly in motion. Every year AAMU presents two to three exhibitions where you can get to know the versatility, power and individuality of Aboriginal art. Each exhibition has a new perspective and shows the different directions and trends that have evolved in this contemporary art form. The exhibitions highlight leading artists and a wide range of themes. The works on display vary from magnificent paintings on linen and tree-bark paintings to thought-provoking installations and multimedia works by a younger generation of Indigenous artists. In putting exhibitions together the museum draws on a growing network of artists, curators, museums, galleries and private collectors in the Netherlands, Europe and Australia.

The AAMU wants to serve as a platform in Holland and Europe for Aboriginal visual arts and its developments. This also means the museum is emphatically connecting with other contemporary art.

The ambition of the museum is not just to show Aboriginal art. It also gives information and education on the quality and great diversity of this art. Visitors can learn about the similarities and differences between Aboriginal and western visual arts and choose their own point of view regarding Aboriginal art.

The AAMU is recognized by the government of Australia as an important platform for Australian, cultural heritage in Europe.