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Ziva Domingos

Ziva Domingos is an Angolan academic, museologist and curator. Domingos has a Master Degree in Preventive Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Paris I – Panthéon – Sorbonne, where he is also working towards his PhD. 

Domingos worked as a Curator at the Instituto Nacional do Património Cultural of Angola and Lecturer on Museology at Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences at the National University “Agostinho Neto”. As a Project Specialist, he coordinated the UNESCO Project on the Rehabilitation and Promotion of Angolan Cultural Heritage from 2001 to 2003 and has been a member of the ICCROM-UNESCO Task Force on the Methodology of the Reorganization of Museum Storage since 2008. From 1999, Domingos worked as Consultant and Trainer for the Ecole du Patrimoine Africain – EPA in Porto-Nov and, in 2005, its first Programme Specialist of the Museum Department. He participated recently as Trainer at the EPA-UNESCO Workshop on the Documentation of Collections in the African Museums in August 2010. Domingos was a panelist for the debate Cultural Heritage and Shared Knowledge on 7 November 2010, realized in cooperation with Framer Framed, Arts Collaboratory and Reinwardt Academy.

Domingos is a member of the Conservation Committee of ICOM, the International Council of Museums. Additionally, he is currently Director of the National Museums of Angola, and is responsible for the development of the UNESCO World Heritage Site M’Banza Congo (Zaire Province).


Cultural Heritage and Shared Knowledge
A panel discussion on the concept and use of cultural heritage.