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Framer Framed

Sylvia Dornseiffer, Hacking History (2012), Framer Framed. Foto: Rogier Fokke

Sylvia Dornseiffer

Sylvia Dornseiffer (Jakarta, 1954) is an independent consultant and coach. She worked at Marc Noyons & Partners until January 2023. She studied Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Groningen.

After her studies, she chose the arts and culture sector. She worked at the Kultureel Sentrum in Tilburg and the Nederlands Theaterinstituut in Amsterdam. She then worked as secretary and later director of the Fonds voor de Letteren (merged into Nederlands Letterenfonds). From 2010-2013, Sylvia was the director of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), the municipal fund for performing and creative arts in Amsterdam.

She worked for various social and cultural organisations including Amsterdam Arts Council (Akr), Arts Council Groningen, Stichting Namen Project (Aidsmonument) Brabant C Fund, Art Zuid, OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam), Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and BrabantStad, Haagse CultuurAcademie, the magazine Indische Letteren of the Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letteren and various juries (including AKO Literature Prize 2009 and 2010). Sylvia Dornseiffer has chaired the Supervisory Board of Framer Framed between 2019-2023.

She is chair of the Cultural Funds Den Bosch, chair of the Supervisory Board of the Piano Duo Festival Amsterdam and chair of the Ketentafel Letteren of Platform ACCT.


Hacking History
A brainstorming about the relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia and its representation in public space.