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Framer Framed

Photo by Catalina Reyes

Siwar Kraytem

Siwar Kraytem is a designer and artist, based between Beirut and Amsterdam. She has a practice of editorial design and publishing stretching from publications to exhibition design. She has practiced as a designer for 7 years and is currently completing her master’s at the Disarming Design department of the Sandberg Instituut where she has recently been researching and reflecting on ‘language’ in times of transformation, and multilingualisms, from the personal to the political. She has also been working and co-curating a platform entitled the ‘language café’ a discussion and installation forum on language, translation, and semantics.

Siwar Kraytem is one of the participants of the project DIT (Do It Together) (2022) which takes place between 1 March to 3 April at Framer Framed, Amsterdam


Project: Do It Together - DIT

DIT is a kitchen / a tent / a learning playground / a workshop...................


Language Café: The Language of Oppression and Resistance
A discussion forum for language, semantics, and translation