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Sarah Klerks

Sarah Klerks

Sarah Klerks (b. 1986), at the request of Framer Framed, on 5 May 2012, wrote a column on Monument Indië Nederland, formerly known as the Van Heutsz monument on the Apollolaan in Amsterdam. Klerks completed her MA in Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam and is interested in the colonial past of the Netherlands and its influence on today’s society. She was inspired by Tjalie Robinson’s perseverance and creativity for the third generation of Indonesian people living in the Netherlands. She regularly writes for Indisch 3.0, the online magazine for and by Indisch youngsters.

Sarah is also a member of the Redmond Amsterdam collective. Redmond Radio is a radio programme on Radio Mart in which current affairs from politics and pop culture are discussed with special attention to gender issues.

In 2014 she started the initiative gerilja/kurating, an online magazine about ‘black art’, together with Chandra Frank.


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