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Framer Framed

Sane (Eria Nsubuga)

Sane (Eria Nsubuga)

‘I chose The King’s women because it is related a lot to the issues that I explore; the changing and conflicting roles in globalised modernity for women in Uganda in daily life, their sexuality, identity and politics.’

Sane (b. 1979) was a participating artist in the Framer Framed group exhibition Simuda Nyuma – Forward Ever Backward Never in 2015, curated by Robinah Nansubuga and Andrea Stultiens. He graduated with a first-class degree in Industrial and Fine Art from Makerere University-Uganda, and he is currently completing his  PhD at the University of Southampton-UK. His works and mixed media studies take a satirical approach to complex themes of immigration, neo-colonialism and consumerism. His recent work explores metaphors of access and border crossing. His metaphors are plays on some of the factors shaping the bordered world like the inventions of nationhood and race. Beneath such interrogation underlies an intricate theme of the invisibility and visibility of African people including their art and culture on the international stage.


Exhibition: Simuda Nyuma - Forward Ever Backward Never

A contemporary interpretation of missing documents in an Ugandan archive of Ham Mukasa. Curated by Robinah Nansubug and Andrea Stultiens