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Framer Framed

RaQuel van Haver

RaQuel van Haver’s paintings offer snapshots of daily life in her local neighbourhood in the South-East of Amsterdam. Her interest lies in ethnicity and identity, inspired by the presence of African, Western, Caribbean and Latin American cultures within her direct neighbourhood. The paintings are considered raw and masculine, monumental and energetic, or dark and ominous. Negotiations between the ‘self’ and ‘other’ appear as a recurring theme. Her work also deals with the pressures resulting from societal demands and unchallenged perceptions. Surface and subject are merged into heavily textured compositions using thick layers of oil paint on burlap, while combining charcoal, clay, gypsum, newspaper and ash. The narratives conveyed are recognisable, however at the same time succeed in creating a new inviting experience of unexpected encounters.

RaQuel van Haver (Bogotá, Colombia) lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2012 she graduated from the HKU, Fine Arts department, Utrecht. In 2012 and 2013 she was nominated for the Dutch Royal Award for Painting. She contributed to group exhibitions at Framer Framed, Amsterdam (2015), CBK Amsterdam (2015), Sanquin Amsterdam (2015), Fiesta del Fuego, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba (2014), Kers Gallery (2014); and had solo presentations at Jackbell Gallery, London, UK (2015), Sanquin, Amsterdam (2014) and Galerie 23, Amsterdam (2014).




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