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Framer Framed

Njabulo Malata

Njabulo Malata (1988, Hillbrow) was bred, buttered and toasted in Soweto. Son of a single mother of three who raised a community, he is the father of two beloved daughters. ‘Njabz’ hails from the golden era of HIP HOP which influenced him to start writing his own poetry and raps in the year 2000. His style of writing is about empowering and convincing people who come from underprivileged to disowned communities that they can aspire to become whatever they desire.

Evolving through the years he ventured into businesses and taught himself music instruments and photography. Crafted by the streets of Jo’burg, Njabz now plays a huge part in activism against social ills, through his involvement in Zanendaba. Zanendaba is a NPO theatre production which purpose is to raise awareness and tackle different social conditions.


Project: Do It Together - DIT

DIT is a kitchen / a tent / a learning playground / a workshop...................


Decolonial Futures Winter School: Creating Space for a Hundred Flowers to Bloom
A cultural exchange programme with Funda Community College, Soweto, South Africa