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Framer Framed

Maaike Hommes

Maaike Hommes is a researcher and writer based in Amsterdam. She is currently working on her PhD at the GCSC in Giessen, Germany. Her dissertation traces different routes along which understanding of unexplained illness travels and looks at cultural objects such as film,
medical texts and illness memes to focus attention on the way in which unexplained illness has a formative effect on the experience of symptoms in the body. She has published on illness in relation to metaphor, and on recent illness memoirs for the Dutch Review of Books, coordinates a research group on the Interfaces of the Study of Culture and Life Sciences at the GCSC, and co-guest edited a special issue of On_Culture titled ‘Illness, Narrated’ (Summer 2021).


Launch: Errant Journal #3, DISCOMFORT
Errant Journal is a concept by Irene de Craen, realised in collaboration with Framer Framed