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Lady Shaynah

Lady Shaynah

Lady Shaynah was born into music, her parents, both professional musicians, have inspired her and instilled in her a love for music.

This talented soul has supported Sabrina Starke on her “Dreamer’s Tour”, performed on the Codarts/Keymusic talent stage of the North Sea Jazz Festival, and is now producing new songs with HAYP (Ladies of Soul), Anan den Boer (Alain Clark) and Nosa Apolo (Craig David).

Her undeniable talent, dedication, and hard work were rewarded in December 2014 when she received the “Music Matters Award”. In June 2015, Shaynah proudly released her first album “DARE” featuring her already popular single “Werk It” and earned a number one spot as Radio 6’s “Radio 6 Soul and Jazz Talent”.

In 2018 she came back with newly gained inspiration and a fresh new sound, which translated into the song “Over”, which is the first single off her most personal album to come: “Chapter 22”. Her story, wrapped in an emotional musical masterpiece, consists of three EP’s; PUZZLED, WASTED & NAKED”. With her heart on her sleeve and her hurt exposed, she tells the relatable stories of a young human getting to know herself. The first part; PUZZLED was released on the 6th of November 2020. The second part WASTED is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2021.

You can listen to her here


Concert: Lady Shaynah
A live performance as part of the Grachtenfestival