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Framer Framed

Foto: Guus Dubbelman / de Volkskrant

Jiye Seong-Yu

Jiye Seong-Yu is a strategic advisor and North Korea programs manager at the Human Rights Foundation in New York, and the founder of Asian Voices Europe. Her Korean-Dutch upbringing, experience living in five different countries, and work as an interpreter and translator has shaped her identity as an intercultural communicator.

Jiye’s experience and survey on racist incidents in Europe during the epidemic have been featured in Buzzfeed (US), Volkskrant (NL), Algemeen Dagblad (NL), KBS1 (KR), News1 (KR), and Marie Claire (KR). As President of Asian Voices Europe, she is interested in making reporting racist incidents possible in Asian languages, collecting textual and visual data in order to show the Dutch general public, as well as increasing understanding among different Asian ethnic groups, and other ethnic minorities in the Netherlands.


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