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Framer Framed

Photo of Ilya Genov

Ilya Genov

Ilya Genov develops and facilitates creative programmes for community projects at Framer Framed. Originally from Russia (Moscow), he obtained a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Utrecht with a specialisation in Social Sciences. His bachelor thesis examined the political ideologies and cultural narratives surrounding refugee integration in the Netherlands through a post-colonial lens.

Ilya is passionate about art-based and participatory action research. His research interests lie in the fields of migration studies, ethnic relations, and multiculturalism. Together with Meghann Ormond (Associate Professor in Cultural Geography at Wageningen University & Research), he has conducted a study on the impact of art-based initiatives on migrant identities, belonging, and heritage, based at De Voorkamer community centre in Utrecht. The study used linocut printing as a method for data collection and was presented at the 2022 IMISCOE (International Migration Research Network) conference in Oslo. Starting in September 2023, Ilya will pursue a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University.


Workshop: Linocut Printmaking – Tanah Merdeka
Co-creating a lino print poster with Sophia Pekowsky & Ilya Genov to reflect on transnational solidarity and land struggles