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Framer Framed

Photo: Maarten Nauw

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti (BO/BRA, she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, vocalist, and musician based in Amsterdam.

Born in Bolivia, and raised in Brazil, Ibelisse has studied eighteen years of classical piano and ten years of contemporary dance and theatre, before graduating and receiving her Bachelor’s at the Mime School – School of Superior Arts in Amsterdam in 2006.

Her work is deeply interwoven with post-colonial(ity), the paradox between grief and celebration, and Andean Cosmology as a source of reclamation, resistance, and resilience. Embodiment, sonic practices, trance, and dream work are her chosen mediums, helping her conjure and compose in resonance, with and against her embedded ancestral lineages.


Performance: Ausangate, a gaseous cosmology
A performance, a ceremony, a conversation with an earth-being, an ofrenda.