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Frederique Pisuisse

Frederique Pisuisse

Frederique Pisuisse (1986, NL) holds a MFA Fine Arts from Goldsmiths in London and a BA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. 

Frederique has an experimental art practice exploring consciousness-expanding non-dualism and trauma recovery processes. Rooted in her studies in psychology, and through first hand experience, she has an interest in mental health issues relating to PTSD. This includes subjects like depersonalisation, derealisation, warped time perception and other out of body experiences. Her work is both a form of self-help, as a way to convey ideas about altered and inner states and an explorative tool to tease out ways in which these contribute to the art-making process. This results in poetic films, performances and sculptural installations.

Together with co-founder Saemundur Thor Helgason she runs Cosmos Carl, an online art platform hosting nothing but hyperlinks to artistic projects by over 200 artists, writers, thinkers and curators. Cosmos Carl focuses on the creation of more art in the public domain of the commercial internet.

Recent exhibitions, performances and talks were shown at Video Art Festival Turku (Finland, 2020), Banner Repeater with Cosmos Carl (London, 2019), Cabaret Voltaire (Zurich 2019), La Plage (Paris, 2019), Arp Museum (Cologne, 2018), Moscow Biennale for Young Art (Moscow, 2018), Art Rotterdam (Rotterdam, 2018), UNSEEN (Amsterdam, 2018), ICA London (London, 2017) and South London Gallery (London, 2017).