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Fadoua Rasmouki

Fadoua Rasmouki

Fadoua Rasmouki is an underrated invisibilized multi-disciplinary artist with a computer science engineering background who has been fighting for over a decade for her visibility in the scene & market.

As a queer feminist, Fadoua Rasmouki launched a grassroots collective in 2016 Al-FAM in Rabat, and organized a series of artistic activities & discussions to reclaim the streets & public spaces. The collective soon became a national movement and many other members started organizing similar events in other cities in Morocco. Activities and direct actions included: literacy workshops, reclaim the night walks, collective paintings, music jams, and direct sit-ins to denounce discriminatory laws, gender-based acts of violence, and rape culture. Sound artist & DJ producer DramaDrama creates sets and music experiences where she blends polyrhythmic Moroccan Amazigh and Afro-electronic music between tradition & modernity.


Bread, Freedom, Bisexuality, and Social Justice
Presentation and performance about identity and social justice for Moroccan bisexual individuals