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Eliana Otta

Eliana Otta

The Peruvian artist Eliana Otta is currently focusing on what she calls ‘fertilising mourning’: collective mourning as a decolonial and regenerative practice capable of dismantling hierarchical binarisms, like the opposition between life and death. She creates spaces for sharing intimacy, trust and curiosity, often combining pedagogical, curatorial and editorial work.

Otta has a master’s degree in cultural studies and completed a PhD program at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. She is a former artist-in-residence of Gapado AiR, Capacete and Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee, among others. She co-founded the artist collective Bisagra in Lima, the ecofeminist collective Mouries in Athens and coordinated the curatorial team that made the permanent exhibition at Lugar de la Memoria, la Tolerancia y la Inclusión Social in Lima.


Exhibition: The One-Straw Revolution

An exhibition curated by iLiana Fokianaki exploring permaculture as a methodology for exhibition-making


Finissage: The One-Straw Revolution
Finissage of the exhibition, The One-Straw Revolution, curated by iLiana Fokianaki