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Edit András

Edit András

Edit András is an art historian and critic. She holds a PhD in Art History from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and has been a senior research fellow at the Institute of Art History, Research Centre for the Humanities at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest since 2002. She has written extensively on Eastern and Central European art, with a focus on gender issues and social engagement, as well as the post-socialist condition and nationalism in this region. Her publications include Cultural Cross Dressing: Art on the Ruins of Socialism (2009) and the anthology Transitland, Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe 1989–2009 (2009). Her articles have appeared in the journals Acta Historiae Artium, ARS, Ars Hungarica, ArtMargins, e-flux journal, Idea, Springerin, Third Text, as well as several collected volumes and catalogues.

Edit András gave the lecture Contested Sites on the institutional landscape of Hungary on 9th April 2016, as part of the first iteration of the project Impossible Dialogues conceived by curators Katia Krupennikova, Margaret Tali and Inga Lace, co-developed with, and partly commissioned by, Framer Framed. András lives and works in both Budapest and Long Island, New York.


Impossible Dialogues
Curated by Katia Krupennikova, Margaret Tali and Inga Lace.