About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed


Copyright/Reserved is an Experimental Design Studio specialising in a diverse range of creative solutions and deliverables. Their approach is centred around unveiling each individual’s authenticity and true self, while also capturing their essence and infusing it into a tangible form.

Established in 2018, Copyright/Reserved also operate as a studio-based creative business. The term “studio” reflects their commitment to delivering editorial-quality branding and design. Copyright/Reserved actively engages with each project to develop exclusive products and services that align with their clients’ initial skills and future prospects.

With a collective experience of over five years in the creative industry, Copyright/Reserved consists of graphic designers, creative/art directors, and 2D-3D motion designers. Each member brings a wealth of expertise gained from eight to four years of practical experience in their respective fields.


Exhibition: Anonim

Final presentation of Theo Frids Marulitua Hutabarat's Atelier KITLV-Framer Framed Artist in Residence project.