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Framer Framed

Photo by Gus Agung/Niskala Studio

Citra Sasmita

Citra Sasmita is a contemporary artist from Bali. She is a self-taught painter who initially pursued literature at Udayana University and studied physics at Ganesha University of Education. She has been painting for more than a decade. One of her long-term projects, Timur Merah Project: Harbor of Restless Spirits was presented in Garden of Six Seasons, Para Site Hong Kong. Notable achievements include winning the Gold Award at UOB Painting of The Year 2017, participation in the 2023 São Paulo Biennial, Brazil, Biennale Yogyakarta in 2019 and her solo show Ode To The Sun, at Yeo Workshop, Gillman Barracks Singapore in 2020.


Exhibition: The One-Straw Revolution

An exhibition curated by iLiana Fokianaki exploring permaculture as a methodology for exhibition-making