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Framer Framed

Photo credit: Julian Abraham "Togar"

Bernardo Núñez Magdaleno

Bernardo Núñez Magdaleno (1987) is a writer, artist, educator and consultant. Born in the trans-border territory of Tijuana-San Diego, a city circuit that extends across the U.S. and Mexico national frontiers, Bernardo grapples with affectations of transit, passing and indetermination in his work. As a cyclist and lover of the road, he explores the highway, and the plurality of vehicles one can inhabit – or imagine – to experience movement across space.

After teaching language, grammar and literature, and doing underground activities for many years in Southern California, he moved to Mexico City where he now lives and works. Bernardo is now an organiser at Biquini Wax EPS, a collective, artist-run independent space for the production, distribution and exhibition of contemporary art.


Symposium: (un)Common Grounds - Reflecting on documenta fifteen
A two-day hybrid symposium co-organised by Framer Framed, Akademie van Kunsten & Van Abbemuseum