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Framer Framed

Aino Korvensyrjä

Aino Korvensyrjä

Aino Korvensyrjä is a researcher and activist engaging for mobility rights. She is currently conducting activist research with Rex Osa and Claudio Feliziani on German deportation practices to African countries. She wrote her PhD on German state racism and the legal-administrative limbo of rejected asylum seekers who refuse to leave. Both on a theoretical and a practical plane she draws heavily on critiques of the European border regime by self-organised refugee and migrant groups in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. She is also a member of the Free Movement Network Helsinki and the German kritnet. She was a guest speaker for the discussion Border thinking? Unsettling concepts of border regimes and the Migratory Control System as part of the public program for the Framer Framed exhibition Voices Outside the Echo Chamber, curated by Katayoun Arian.

Since 2015, Korvensyrjä has been a co-researcher in the interdisciplinary, activist research collective Culture of Deportation and was the coordinator in the project Welcome to Europe? realised by the collective and funded by Kone Foundation. In 2017 an online archive was created which documents the German tradition of criminalising migration and the EU model of border externalisation, focusing on the knowledge and analyses generated in migrant self-organisation. Since 2018 the Culture of Deportation has documented and campaigned against racist police and security guard violence in southern German asylum camps together with local asylum seeker groups and other activist groups. Korvensyrjä is also conducting antiracist trial-monitoring with Justizwatch.


Exhibition: Voices Outside the Echo Chamber

Questioning Myths, Facts and Framings of Migration, curated by Katayoun Arian


Border thinking? Unsettling concepts of border regimes and the Migratory Control System
Event in the context of the exhibition Voices Outside the Echo Chamber on the European Migratory Control System.