About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Diasporic Self: Informal gatherings with Anne Krul

BFB: Citizenship and Cultural Production #4: Disobedient Art

Workshop with Fossil Free Culture NL, part of Broadcasting from Babylon

The City is Ours #2: Fotografie & burgerschap

Uitwisselingsproject tussen Amsterdam en Tunis

Diasporic Self: Lexicon of Black Poetics

This event offers space for (performative) readings that peel away, show, uncover the layers and complexities of black poetics of the everyday.

Symposium Here/Now

At Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, in the context of exhibition HERE/NOW at Framer Framed and Beautiful Distress House

The City is Ours #1: Dit is ook mijn wijk!

Eerste workshop in de The City is Ours reeks