Lecture: Oral history as autobiography: Exploring Curaçaoan-Cuban intra-Caribbean migration narratives

Wednesday 5 April, 18:00 - 20:00

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Lecture by Dr. Rose Mary Allen, on oral history in the context of Curacao.

Performance: Report from Prison

29 March, 20:00 - 22:00

Report from prison press image
Performance Report from Prison, initiated by Russian artist Gluklya. In collaboration with TAAK and..

Exhibition: In the future everything will be as certain as it used to be

16 March - 23 April 2017

Christian Thompson - Howl For Your Troubles (2011)
Exhibition in collaboration with the AAMU - Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art, in light of its imminent closure in 2017.

Report: what is modern Indonesian art?

Report of the open lecture by Remco Raben

Work by Mochtar Apin
Part of the open lecture series on the influence of colonialism on artistic expressions in former Dutch colonies

Lezing: Gábor Pusztai over het werk van László Székely

Lezing door Gábor Pusztai over het grafische werk van kunstenaar László Székely, die woonde en werkte in de voormalige kolonie Nederlands-Indië.

Report: Lezing Caroline Drieënhuizen – Musea en Nederlands-Indië

Verslag van de lezing door Caroline Drieënhuizen over musea en Nederlands-Indië

Meisje blote voeten bij Balinees masker
De eerste lezing in de reeks open lezingen (maart en april 2017) georganiseerd door de leerstoel Nederlands-Caraïbische Letteren van de..