My Tongue Softens On The Other Name

Tuesday 11 October, 20:00

Installation photo Mary Sibande - Conversations with Madam CJ Walker (2009), photo (c) Eva Broekema
Artists, cultural performers and thinkers reflect on the exhibition Re(as)sisting Narratives through taking inspiration from a poem by Gabeba Baderoon. Curated by Chandra Frank.

Dutch & Indonesian perspectives on 1945-1949 [fully booked!]

Partner event, 30 September, 20:00-22:30

Dutch Marine Grijzenhout changing his uniform and weapon with the traditional clothes of his Indonesian friend Wardi, Surabaya 1947/48.
Film screenings and panel discussion presenting Dutch and Indonesian perspectives on the period between 1945-1949.

Queer Series #2: Wu Tsang’s WILDNESS

October 19, 20:00

Second edition of Queer Series, a series of public events organized at Framer Framed with the aim to highlight, contextualize as well as question queer elements of artworks, art collections and art archives.

Exhibition: Re(as)sisting Narratives

28 August - 27 November 2016

Re(as)sisting Narratives, design by Chimurenga
Re(as)sisting Narratives explores lingering legacies of colonialism between South Africa and the Netherlands through engaging with contemporary artists from both countries. Curated by Chandra Frank.

24H Noord

29 October, 20:00 & 21:30

Noord2016datum NL
On October 29, Framer Framer participates in 24h Noord. Visit the exhibition Re(as)sisting Narratives and book a tour by artist Judith Westerveld.

Unseen: tours Re(as)sisting Narratives, door Judith Westerveld

23, 24, 25 September, 16:00

_28-08-2016 - Framer Framed-1_Judith Westerveld, Echolocation_insta
The exhibition Re(as)sisting Narratives is part of Unseen Photography Photo Fair & Festival. Artist Judith Westerveld gives exhibition tours to visitors with an Unseen ticket.