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Framer Framed

29 Sep 2020
17:00 - 19:00

Crisis Imaginaries, Chapter 4: Climate Interventions

Framer Framed in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Niederlande will host a series of events focused on the global climate crisis as it intersects with our ongoing crises. Chapter 4 of Crisis Imaginaries will be an online panel discussion on action and innovation happening in the face of climate change with Jessika Khazrik, Tega Brain and Claudius Schulze, moderated by Marija Cetinić. This iteration is also held in collaboration with FIBER Festival (Sept 24-27).

Our previous chapters of Crisis Imaginaries have predominantly dealt with the social aspects and impacts of the climate crisis: societal scripts that have led us here, injustices permeating green movements, and the more personal, intimate reach of environmental degradation. In our upcoming Crisis Imaginaries discussion, Climate Interventions, we will engage with people who plant themselves and their work at the forefront of climate change and operate from there: Jessika Khazrik, Tega Brain and Claudius Schulze.

Climate Interventions asks: Is it possible to repair our climate? What might that look like? What can we create when we accept climate change’s promise to alter our reality irrevocably? Including restorative technologies on a planetary scale as well as more hand-crafted innovations. While examining these proposed ‘solutions’ and responses, we can still look more closely, more critically to see how they emerge from social circumstances and necessitate social change.

Together we explore: What grows in the face of crisis?

Series Description

As the world shifts and shutters in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many have reasserted the importance of responding to climate change at a similar scale. We have watched the two crises intertwine, with early indicators showing a correlation between environmental degradation and an increased chance of animal to human virus contagion; likewise, more severe cases of Corona often appear and affect areas suffering from worse air pollution, with the same patterns of vulnerability exacerbated. What can we learn from our current crisis and take with us for our present and future crisis? What alliances can be formed across art, activism and academia? Together, we will critically examine the notion of crisis as a spectacle that calls for strong leadership, threatening to devolve toward authoritarian tendencies, and as a narrative constructed from differential viewpoints. Video registrations of the series can be found here.


Crisis Imaginaries is a project by Framer Framed and Goethe-Institut Niederlande. The fourth chapter is also hosted in collaboration with FIBER Festival, taking place from 24-27 September at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord.

This event is free and in English. The live-stream will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. We will be gathering questions from the audience for the panelists via social media.

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Tega Brain

Artist and environmental engineer

Claudius Schulze

Artist and researcher

Marija Cetinić

Professor and writer

Jessika Khazrik

Artist and technologist