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Video on the exhibition Maydan – Hundred Portraits

In Spetember 2014 Framer Framed in collaboration with Paradox presented the exhibition Maydan – Hundred Portraits.

“As the government of Yanukovych had just fallen, as the president was on the run and the police had disappeared from the streets of Kiev, for a short period of time, power was entirely in the hands of the people. At this very moment, time was suspended. I tried to capture people’s gaze and ask them two questions: What would you like to be happening now? And, what do you think will happen?” – Émeric Lhuisset.

After Amsterdam, the exhibition contined to travel to Kiev (Ukraine) where it was on show during the Agenda For Change, developing independent media in the digital age in Eurasia, September 24-27, 2014.

Maydan - Foto Cas Bool

Maydan - Foto Cas Bool

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Exhibition: Maydan - Hundred Portraits

100 Faces of the Ukrainian revolution by Emeric Lhuisset


Émeric Lhuisset