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Framer Framed

Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba

Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba (b. 1988). Mexican political cartoonist and anticapitalist entrepreneur. He likes to do various things (just a little bit of everything) but perhaps what he likes the most is drawing. He has been doing various scale things in the company of real and imaginary beings under the umbrella of collective initiatives like Lidinal Intelligence Unity, Biquini Wax EPS, Tropical Tap Water, El Colegio de la (des)extención, CIPEI or de-reading group.

He is a member of the international za’pataphysical movement and currently is taking part in the organisation for the construction of the minimonumentally Museum for Extemporary Arts and Sciences in Mesoamerica. Right now he is using the wifi, the tap water, the gas and the laser printer as a resident at Rijksakademie (2020-2022).


Project: Do It Together - DIT

DIT is a kitchen / a tent / a learning playground / a workshop...................


(un)Common Grounds: Reflecting on documenta fifteen
A two-day hybrid forum co-organised by Framer Framed, Akademie van Kunsten & Van Abbemuseum
Workshop: Wayang Kardus - Struggle and Solidarity
A two-day cardboard puppet workshop by Taring Padi with food, conversations, and jamming sessions