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Framer Framed

Kalor Pacheco

Kalor (Camaragibe, 1990) is an artist, journalist, audio-visual producer, screenwriter for documentary and animation films. Her most recent work is a documentary-performance piece, Madeira de Lei (Hardwood), is an autobiography which crosses with the paths of domestic workers in Brazil. She is a co-author and screenwriter for children’s cartoon, Bia Desenha, exhibited in public Brazilian TV and the internet. Soon she will release two short-films financed by public funding, about sexuality, one of them being the last piece for the #tecnologiaaservicodaorgia series (#TechnologyInServiceForOrgy) which, amongst other themes, discourse on abortion and obstetric violence. She has participated in the artistic residency of the Museu do Sexo das Putas (2016) and of collective exhibitions such as: Trovoa no Museu da Abolição (2019), maumau galeria (2019), Winter Festival of Garanhuns Galpão (2017), teatro espanca! e espaço centoequatro (MG, 2016). From 2017-18 she was the director of Racial Equality of the Cultural Foundation of Camaragibe, and in 2017, the Chairperson for the Municipal Council of the same town.


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