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Tactical Media Files

Tactical Media Files is a “living archive” for Tactical Media’s present, past and future. Tactical Media Files is a documentation resource under continuous development. Tactical Media Files began the task of organising the infinite (and growing) amount of available data, with the aim of making it more easily accessible for new generations of activists and activist makers, scholars and curators to draw on.

Tactical Media Files has been conceived as a ‘living archive’. The archive can also serve as a documentation tool for current and future events. Tactical Media emerged when the modest goals of media artists and media activists were transformed into a movement that challenged everyone to produce their own media in support of their own political struggles. This “new media” activism was based on the insight that the long-held distinction between the ‘street’ (reality) and the ‘media’ (representation) could no longer be upheld. On the contrary, the media had come to infuse all of society.