About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

BP or Not BP

BP or Not BP is a national network of actor-vists performing disobedient theatre in many different oil-sponsored spaces. They invade stages and cultural spaces with courage, humour and respect. BP or Not BP’s aim is to win over audiences, to provoke and entertain and to make the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum and others profoundly uncomfortable with the noxious, treacherous, belching oily rogue they have chosen as a partner.

BP or Not BP has signed up to the Oil Sponsorship Free commitment, and will not rest until they have collectively (with Art Not Oil Coalition friends Liberate Tate, Platform, PCS Union and others) kicked big oil out of the arts. BP or Not BP’s aim is to chip away the power of the fossil fuel industry, reducing its public and political influence, and strengthening the hand of everyone around the world who’s pushing for cleaner alternatives and a safer climate.