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Framer Framed

Alter Nauseam au musée d'art contemporain du Mac Val à Vitry sur Seine (94): Rencontres, performances et concerts en coproduction avec les Instants Chavirés de Montreuil

Pom Bouvier b.

As a musical artist, pom bouvier b. imagines singular sound spaces where intimate and common perceptions are solicited. Her proposals are physical and mental experiences that seek out the invisible and undefined territories of the entrances, the fragility, the permanent collapse, and the annihilation of duration. She has responded to several commissions for mixed electro acoustic pieces that question the modalities of writing and the relationship to space. She has collaborated with choreographers, performers, other artists, and collectives on projects where experience is claimed as a form of writing and elaboration. Additionally, she has been exploring, in solo or duo, the experimental and improvised scene for several years.


Performance: Electrify Everything
Performance with artists Pom Bouvier b., Marjolijn Dijkman and Jean Katambayi Mukendi reflecting on the structuring power of electricity and its relation to resources and exploitation.