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MarokKueer Zawya

MarokKueer Zawya

MarokKueer Zawya is a Trans-led, North African,  Decolonial, Transformative, Soldier, and Critical Queer Organisation based in Amsterdam. MKZ is BY and FOR  Maghribis/ Amazigh  Trans, Gender Nonconforming, and Queer Artists, Thinkers, Academicians, and Activists based in North Africa and the diaspora.

MKZ aims to create a platform for Maghribis/ Amazigh  Trans, GNC, and Queer Artists, Thinkers, Academicians, and Activists in Tamazgha ( North Africa) and diaspora Imazighen.  MKZ focuses on organizing events, creating art exchange platforms, participating in the enrichment of decolonial and critical queer thinking within the Maghribis communities, creating exhibitions, lectures, and art spaces, creating safe creative spaces, and empowering Trans, GNC, and Queer Maghribis networking.


Bread, Freedom, Bisexuality, and Social Justice
Presentation and performance about identity and social justice for Moroccan bisexual individuals