About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Cultural programming


Drawing Sessions: Taking Stock
Finissage of the exhibition 'Taking Stock'
Outro Weekend: A Joyful Black Manifesto II
Finissage of 'A Funeral for Street Culture'
Workshop: Hanging Out in the Bookshop
Zine-making workshop and late-night bookshop gathering by Flip Driest, Cengiz Mengüç and Setareh Noorani
Motormond presents: Un-Grasping Street Culture
A lecture exploring the non-hierarchal design element of the current group show
Pillars of Autumn present: The Gods Must Be Crazy
Join us for a gathering of sound systems at Framer Framed
Creative workshop: When in doubt, take a walk
An online exercise connecting the urban experiences of Hong Kong to Amsterdam by walking