About us

Framer Framed is a platform for contemporary art, visual culture and critical theory & practice. Each year the organisation puts on a variety of exhibitions in collaboration with international curators and artists, emerging as much as established, on topics such as identity politics, notions of ‘the other’ and historiographical propositions. Alongside exhibitions, an extensive public program is organised in order to shed different lights on the topics concerned. With this common space for dialogue, Framer Framed aims to show a plurality of voices in a globalized society.

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A short history
Framer Framed started operating in 2009 in Utrecht, in a period during which curators of different types of cultural memory organisations were simultaneously confronted with comparable questions within their work practice. Specialists from ethnological, cultural history and contemporary art institutions alike ran up against unwanted boundaries of the institutional frameworks within which they operated. With the ambition to overcome the shortcomings of modernist definitions that constitute the foundation of their respective institutions, a search for new curatorial strategies was initiated, in collaboration with the audience and different stakeholders. Early contributors were – along with current Framer Framed directors Cas Bool and Josien Pieterse – Meta Knol, curator of the Centraal Museum at the time (and current Framer Framed board member), George Petitjean, curator of the Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Wim Manuhutu, director of Maluku Museum dedicated to the Moluccas, and Nancy Jouwe, director of PACE Papua Heritage Foundation. The participating organisations where invited to submit their upcoming exhibitions and running projects through an open call for a critical public reading sessions. Have a look at our video archive for some examples.

Framer Framed evolved into an independent network for exchanging knowledge. A platform to rethink the role of art, as well as the position of art institutions, in a rapidly changing society. Since opening an exhibition space in the Tolhuistuin in May 2014, the focus has shifted towards organising programs and exhibition in our own space.

Some institutions that have contributed to Framer Framed in the past: Museum De Lakenhal, Centraal Museum, Tropenmuseum, Museum voor Volkenkunde Leiden, AAMU – Museum voor hedendaagse Aboriginal kunst, Kosmopolis Utrecht, Kosmopolis Rotterdam, AWAD – Atlantic World and the Dutch, Museum De Paviljoens, Imagine IC, Het Domein, MUMA – Museum Maluku, Groninger Museum, Museum voor Moderne kunst Arnhem, Indisch Herinneringscentrum, Reinwardt Academie, Afrika Museum.

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The title Framer Framed is derived from the work by Trinh T. Minh-ha.
Framer Framed is made possible by The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MinOCW), Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and Tolhuistuin.