The Syrian Archive is a Syrian led initiative that strives to promote sustainable peace and respect for human rights within Syrian society through facilitating justice and accountability efforts.

This includes evidence gathering and documentation of incidents; the acknowledgement that war crimes and human rights violations have been committed by all sides; the identification of perpetrators to end the cycle of impunity and the development of a process of justice and reconciliation.

The Syrian Archive believes that visual documentation of human rights violations that is transparent, detailed, and reliable are critical towards providing accountability and can positively contribute to post-conflict reconstruction and stability. Such evidence can humanise victims, reduce the space for dispute over numbers killed, help societies understand the true human costs of war, and support truth and reconciliation efforts.

As for their mission, the Syrian Archive aims to support human rights advocates and citizen journalists in their efforts to document human rights violations in Syria by developing new tools and methods for evidence based advocacy campaigns, potential prosecutions, and human rights reporting and research on Syria. To do so, the Syrian Archive works with several well-established Syrian human rights organizations, media activists, journalists and lawyers to collect, verify,  analyse, and preserve visual documentation relating to human rights violations in Syria committed by all actors in the conflict according to international standards.

In terms of their vision; through collecting, curating and investigating visual evidence of human rights violations in Syria, they aim to preserve data as a digital memory, to establish a verified database of human rights violations, and to act as an evidence tool for legally implementing justice and accountability efforts as concept and practice in Syria.