Dutch & Indonesian perspectives on 1945-1949

Event with Histori Bersama foundation / Marjolein van Pagee in collaboration Koneksi-Connectie on Dutch & Indonesian historical perspectives

Dutch Marine Grijzenhout changing his uniform and weapon with the traditional clothes of his Indonesian friend Wardi, Surabaya 1947/48.
Film screenings and panel discussion presenting Dutch and Indonesian perspectives on the period between 1945-1949.

Conversation with photographer and researcher Marjolein van Pagee

Research on the so-called ‘Politionele Acties’ of the Netherlands in Indonesia; the Dutch military interventions during the Indonesian National Revolution

Marjolein van Pagee, Landingsstrand Pasir Putih uit de serie Kembang Kuning - Gele Bloem, 2014
A conversation with photographer and researcher Marjolein van Pagee on her photo and interview project Kembang Kuning – Yellow Flower moderated by historian Esther Captain.

Exhibition: herman de vries / basic values

March 26th - April 17th

Exhibition with works by artist herman de vries; a celebration of the cultural and biological diversity of Indonesia. Curated by..

Videoregistration: Oral History in Musea

Table Ronde: Oral History in the Jewish Historical Museum