Feminist art practice today: pushing the boundaries

Dialogue on what feminist art practice means today; with Iris Kensmil, Chandra Frank, Elizabeth Kleinveld and Milo van der Maaden

Image: Angela Davis #2 (detail) by Iris Kensmil. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij.
What does feminist art practice mean today? Event organized by Framer Framed and Atria. With Chandra Frank, Iris Kensmil, Elizabeth Kleinveld, Milo van der Maaden and moderator Esther Captain. Venue: Atria.

Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics #2

Friday 19th August, 19:00 hour

Last year's edition of Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics; July 2015 at Framer Framed.
An 'anti-conference conference', experimenting with transgressive speech acts, filthy, vulgar language, radical feminism and digital (non) spaces.

Lecture: Farewell to the hermetic monoculture

Lecture by curator Mirjam Westen on the rol of art institutions in a rapidly changing global context.

Mirjam Westen, Atousa Bandeh & Esiri Eriene-Essi
Event in the context of the exhibition What We Have Overlooked. With a lecture by curator Mirjam Westen and contributions by artists Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi, Esiri Erheriene-Essi.

Exhibition: What We Have Overlooked

A collection presentation of Museum Arnhem (2016)

Zanele Muholi - Miss D'vine I (2007), collectie Museum Arnhem
The exhibition What We Have Overlooked displays a selection of art works acquired by Museum Arnhem over the past twenty-five years. Curator: Mirjam Westen

International Women’s Day at Framer Framed

Opening exhibition Society and lecture by Chandra Frank

Two exhibitions by female makers: opening of Society (photography by Akona Kenqu) and last chance to visit Iran's Women's Movement (by curator/artist Azadeh Fatehrad).