Majid Koorang Beheshti

Inverted Statues in Nowhereland

No where
Is what lies Beyond History post-apocalyptic? That may seem quite an easy conclusion, grounded in Hollywood representations of cataclysmic upheavals. This point of view ties the historical narrative up with civilization itself; beyond history than becomes ‘beyond civilization’, maybe even ‘beyond humanity’. This total identification with the prevalent..

Beyond History – Exercise in Imagination

Press Release

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With Ibrahim Abumsmar, Omid Ghajarian, Mohammad Ghazali, Liane Al Ghusain, Babak Golkar, Barbad Golshiri, Majid Koorang Beheshti, Payam Mofidi, Mandana Moghaddam, Aman Mojadidi, Golrokh Nafisi, Mehrdad Naraghi, Eric Parnes, Slavs &Tatars and Jonas Staal.Curated by Robert Kluijver & Elham Puriyamehr

Mohammad Ghazali: Where the Heads of the Renowned Rest

Beyond History - Exercise in Imagination

Reza Abbasi
These photographs are taken from the point of view of statues in Tehran’s public spaces. While passers-by always see these national heroes from the..

Fight History: list of participating artists and their works

Strategies of Resistance

Fight History exhibition poster black small
The artists in this exhibition poke holes in the great historical narrative that establishes the domination of the West as an inescapable fact..

Nermine Hammam – the Pain of Others

How to remain human when faced with unending violence

The Battle 20x53cm Unfolding 2012
This wasn’t the political reality happening in my backyard; these scenes took place in a far away land between medieval Japan and contemporary Egypt. A fictitious space close enough that I cared to look at it, and far enough that I didn’t have to be moved by it. In other words, I was just looking at art

Alain Declercq: National Insecurity

Alain Declercq, born in Moulins, France in 1969, researches forms of oppression by the State, most notably by its security services, through his artistic practice. His investigations and occasional clashes with spy agencies have led him to understand the fictional character of many security operations; rather appropriately, then, he..

Shadi Alzaqzouq – Don’t Panic!

Caught in the Cultural Cross-Fire

Rock Me All Night Long 150x180cm 2011
Shadi Alzaqzouq's work combines French popular culture from the 'banlieues' with global Arab revolutionary elan, and radical punk contestation with deep religious feeling.

Imran Ahmad – Muslim Zion

A perfect deadlock

Imran Ahmad: Muslim
Imran Ahmad's sculptures are inspired by the cacophony of Lahore city, calling forth both the city’s tense present, and structures of its colonial past. Since 2000, in his practice the artist procures found objects from the city, using and transforming them to examine the fractured apparatuses of the political, the economic and the social state in which..

Eric Parnes: The Ishtar Machine

Hacking drone democracy

Eric Parnes Ishtar
Eric Parnes returns to the second exhibition of Crisis of History with a new project, based on his work 'Ishtar' from 2014. About this work the artist said: "The prevalence of unmanned vehicles utilized in contemporary military operations and civilian use flying above the skies of the Middle East directly invokes the ancient myths of Babylonia..

Ayman Yossri – I Want To Get Married

Looking for love in Saudi Arabia

You will sleep alone - how unfortunate
Ayman Yossri, born a Palestinian in 1966, has always lived in Saudi Arabia, and the only place he can call home is Jeddah. After his marriage with a Saudi woman he deeply loved broke up, his personal life went into a crisis. He retired from Jeddah’s art world, in which he had become a major player (read about the city’s art life here) and spent several..